Skyrim isn’t as good as you keep saying it is, (Light your pitchforks everyone)



Alright, you will probably crucify me before you even read this, but let me preface the post with, I love both Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I have logged hundreds and hundreds of hours between both franchises. That is not the point of this, so before you start cracking your collective knuckles to type your angry and (obviously) well-researched retort, let me say what I’m here to say. Let’s begin! So this post comes from a discussion I recently had with some “Intellectuals” from the internet. The question that began the discussion is, “What do you think Bethesda’s most successful game was.” Now after seeing several comments saying things like Skyrim and Fallout (and they do deserve the clout they hold,) I offered a new suggestion, Dishonored. Now I know this was only published by Bethesda, but it still has their name on it so it counts dangit! Needless to say, I received a lot of unhappy responses saying it wasn’t even close to as good because it wasn’t an open world game, or it wasn’t as big of a game. Now come on guys! You can come up with a better stance on the game than that, so let me tell you why I feel this way.


1. Open world does NOT make for a good game (Nor a good argument, you goober.)

I heard this argument all too much when discussing these games, “Skyrim is open world, so it is immediately better.” Not so. Skyrim IS very cool in the immense size of its open world and the sheer number of locations, but this isn’t exactly all that impressive when you think about it objectively. A lot of the locations are so very similar that it leaves all but maybe 5 or 6 locations completely forgettable. I mean I haven’t heard anyone brag about the time they fought the Falmer in Liar’s Retreat.


2. There is no emotion in the characters.

I don’t remember one time feeling satisfied with the way a character reacted to me. I would find myself getting angry with characters and when I would steal from them or, you know, slap them with a great sword there would be no emotional change on their face. The only noticeable change was a slight raising of their voice. That is just such a let down on a game that relies so heavily on story telling and immersion, I don’t want to feel like I’m fighting with a piece of ply wood. (


It is REALLY easy

With people skipping past almost the entire of the game without leveling makes the difficulty of the game laughable at best, with poor AIs and easily foiled locks and barriers the game can be completed in just a couple hours. (If you don’t believe me, check out the video here I’m not saying that this makes it a bad game, but the game play has to captivate and engage the user if you are trying to use that as an argument.


Mods do not make the game

My final argument on this post that is far too long is about modding. I hear way to many people who try to stick up for the graphics, or sounds, or textures, or lack of Macho Man Randy Savage by saying modding fixes the issues. No… No.Modding is something like garnish, it should be the icing on the cake, not the band-aid to cover up the problem. That would be like someone giving you a candy bar, but when you open it, they have taken a bite out of it. Then when you say, “Hey, I thought I bought a whole candy bar, part of this is missing.” So instead of the person who sold you the candy bar giving you the whole candy bar, you had to go onto the internet and find someone who was selling partial candy bars that will fill in the missing parts of your candy bar. So, my overall message here is that you should really not be buying partial candy bars! But honestly, the Elder Scrolls and Fallout get a lot of great reviews by people because they carry this reputation of incredible, ground breaking games. But in the last few iterations they have just felt more like expansions with a small bump in graphics than stand alone games. I am so excited about Fallout 4, and I’ve already seen a ton of amazing things fixing a lot of these issues. I would just really like to see people looking at the games objectively, and making actual observations so that we can shake up the current model and see growth in the amazing world of video games. TL;DR Look at games objectively and don’t just ride the band wagon asshole. We need to pick at games so that we can see improvements in the future and not just more of the same.


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